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1. Flip-open door structure with spring booster, easy to open.

2. External material: Cold rolled steel with anti-bacteria powder coating.

3. Fixed sterilization programs for dressings, unwrapped and wrapped equipment, rubber, and liquid.

4. Door cover is wrapped completely, to prevent scald effectively.

5. Radial self-expanding silicone rubber seals with high effect and long using life.

6. LED displays inner temperature, time and error codes.

7. Automatic exhausting steam function.

8. Reliable mechanical safety interlock feature.

9. Complete protection system.


Safety Features:

1. Over pressure, safety valve can automatically open to release pressure.

2. Over temperature, the system will stop heating automatically and start alarm.

4. Anti dry-out function. If water level is too low, heating stops and error code displays on screen.

5. Over current, over voltage or electric leakage protection apparatus-air switch.