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Morgue Unit, Triple


Technical Specifications:

Three seperate motors operated with seperate digital controls to provide the possibility of operating the cabins seperately whenever needed.
Quick cooling capacity
Alarm system that goes on as it senses movement in the body
Digital Thermostat
Outside and indise walls are made of 304 quality Stainless steel
Fan Controlled air flow
Provided with 4 locable castors.
The morgue unit is fixed on 40×40-x2mm steel profile
Body trays are made of stainless steel and provided with telescopic slide mechanism and has load capacity of 185kg and there is no need to hold it after pulling out
Provided with three doors with locks
Provided with 60 watt light that goes off automatically and can de programmed
Name tag can be provided

Technical Data:

Size: 90x220x220 cm


Autopsy Table


Technical Specifications:

Made of 304 quality Stainless steel
Provided with a sink
Includes a long spiral hose with spray head
The table is fixed on a 60 cm x 60 cm column

Technical Data:

280x100x85(h) cm




Technical Specifications:

Made of 304 quality Stainless steel Battery operated