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Microprocessor control, LED display: rotor model, time, RCF and speed;

Quiet, maintenance-free brushless drive;

Double Lid and Lock system;

20 programs memory for standard runs, programmability is available;

Acc/Dec: Choice of 15 acceleration and deceleration rates;

RPM setting function, and short-spin function;

Easyly setting and reading RCF, speed synchronize in time

Automatic rotor recognition and imbalance detection, audible alarm for error and imbalance;

Easily adjust speed, RCF, time and temperature during the running without stop

The shortest Acc/Dec time is less than 30s

Pre-cooling before the rotor start and fast cooling function ;

Automatic temperature compensation, to ensure that the samples do centrifugal in a safe temperature;

Danfoss compressor kit.