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Hand Cleansers

Medical specialise in a range of hand cleansers including Bactol Alcohol Gel and Sanitol Hand Sanitiser.

Bactol Alcohol Gel

Bactol® Alcohol Gel Waterless Hand Cleanser (Aust R 155397) contains 70% v/v alcohol and uses natural emollients to replace the skin’s lipids which are removed by alcohol.Bactol® Alcohol Gel maintains skin integrity leaving hands hygienic, soft and replenished.

Handisan Sanitising Foam

Handisan® Sanitising Foam is a non-flammable, instant hand sanitiser – kills 99.999% of germs. Handisan® Sanitising Foam contains Lipidure®, a biomimetic moisturiser which hydrates skin, leaving hands feeling soft, smooth and refreshed. Handisan® Sanitising Foam is alcohol free and non-flammable. It is designed to be used instead of alcohol based hand rubs.


Sanitol is a uniquely formulated antibacterial hand sanitiser to prevent the spread of harmful germs. Sanitol’s rapidly acting formula kills 99.99% of germs – protecting you against a range of potentially unsafe micro-organisms. It is an effective component of a hand and personal hygiene program and its scientifically advanced formula is gentle on all skin types. Sanitol is ideal for use in the workplace, home and on-the-go.

Hand Wash

Medical have developed hand soaps designed for people who frequently wash their hands as part of a routine hygiene program.

Dermalux for Everyday Use

Dermalux for Everyday Use is an ultra mild soap for hand and body washing. Dermalux for Everyday Use is specifically designed for people who wash their hands frequently it contains an ultra mild soap with a delicate peach fragrance and added moisturisers that helps to prevent skin from drying out.

Dermalux Natural Hand and Body Wash

Dermalux Natural Hand and Body Wash is specifically designed for sensitive and dry skin. It is an ultra-comforting pearlescent creme soap free from perfumes or dyes. Dermalux Natural is pH balanced to maintain skin integrity.


Hand Hygiene Dispensers

Skin Technology Dispensers are available in either manual or infrared. The  dispensers can be used with Dermalux for Everyday Use, Dermalux Natural and Dermalux 3in1 Hair and Body Wash as well as Bactol® Alcohol Gel, Sanitol Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser or Handisan® Sanitising Foam 1 litre pods.