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Compact laboratory centrifuge for small samples and liquids

DC motor, free maintenance, no powder pollution

Main machine adopts ABS material

micro computer control, digital display indicates the time、speed and RCF. Electric lid lock

Not less than 8 cells for test tubes of 15 ml
Range of speed from 100 up to 3000 rpm
The microcomputer control, digital or analog indicators of speed and time
Brushless motor, with dust protection
Desktop model
Acceleration time – 10 sec
Adjustable step of speed 10 rpm
Timer: 1-99 min., short and continuous mode
Automatic safety blocking cover in an operating time

Documentation (per unit)

User’s manual in Russian

Service manual in Russian

Warranty period

24 months from the date of putting into operation

Certification: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485: 2003, CE, Equivalent to IEC 61010-1