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General Introduction:

1. For general clinic laboratories

2. With a rotor on not less than 6 capillaries

3. Waterproof covering

4. Built – in emergency switch at opening a cover

5. The pallet of the hematocrit capillaries is executed from composite plastics with an aluminum covering

6. The engine is established on rubber fastenings for reduction of noise level and vibration

7. Adjustable speed of rotation 12000 rpm

8. The mechanical timer for 15 minutes with signal of the centrifugation ending

9. Air Cooling of the motor

10. Electrical deceleration of the motor

11. Motor-overheat protection


Brushless motor,free maintenance, no powder pollution,micro

computer control, digital display indicates

The time speed and RCF.Electric lid lock over speed and imbalance

protection.The centrifuge body is made of high quality steel,Safe and reliable.

Documentation (per unit)

User’s manual in Russian

Service manual in Russian

Warranty period

24 months from the date of putting into operation


ISO 9001:2008

ISO 13485: 2003


IEC 61010-1 equivalent