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2800 Central Monitoring System


◆ Capable of connecting 8,12,16,24,32units patient monitor simultaneously

◆ Multi-display modes on dual , single or emphasis display

◆ Complete solution for Wired, Wireless or mixture networking

◆ Support centralized,distributed or mixed networking

◆Support NMT monitor connection, easily for you check its parameters”

◆ Multi-clinical office unified networking, data sharing

◆ Central station can operate patient monitor remotely.

◆ Can realize remote operation to monitor via central station.

◆ Data storage and output (Can record data to disc)

◆ Trend diagram, Trend chart and dynamic waveform review function

◆ Clinical report printing

◆ LAN connection

◆ wireless LAN connection

◆ RS232 serial connection

◆ RS485 interface connection