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TSP 135

Width (mm) 805
Height (mm) 1755
Depth (mm) 1335
Weight (kg) 380
Effective Available Capacity (lt) 135




Sterilization CELL (ALL MODELS)

Sterilization Cell   Rectangular Prism
Double Door Pass System   Yes (Optional)
Trays   two units, each unit with 30 kg load capacity
Air Purchase   HEPA filter out
Plasma Type   Radio frequency induced plasma
Plasma Location   Sterilization In Cell
Overload alarm   Yes
More Humidity Alarm   Yes
Alarm Multi-cellulose content   Yes
Catalytic Converter   Yes



Warm-up Time to Start   (P1) 45 dk., (P2) 55 dk., (P3) 70 dk.
Temperature sterilization   48⁰C (Optional Adjustable)