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Temperature and humidity monitoring system can be applied to the food industry, archives management, greenhouses, animal breeding, medicine store, the tobacco industry and the industrial site and other industries.



System composition

A comprehensive temperature and humidity monitoring system consists of the following components (part of the product is optional):

– The temperature and humidity transmitter (temperature and humidity probe), power adapter (for temperature and humidity transmitter power supply), SMS alarm (send text messages and make calls), communications converter, sound and light alarms, computers, communications cables and construction of the necessary auxiliary facilities.

– Temperature and humidity monitoring software: based on actual monitoring needs and provide realization of the function of temperature and humidity monitoring software.
System function and features

– System software functions: By monitoring software could monitor the temperature and humidity of the region’s real-time monitoring, alarm messages, phone dialing alarm, Email sent, real-time curve, historical curve, data storage, printing, data dump to TXT, CSV, etc.

– Hardware features: temperature and humidity numerical display, sound and light alarm on site. System operation uses current mainstream configuration of the computer, the system supports the latest from win XP to win7 operating system, it can run smoothly in different configurations and operating systems.

– Supports a variety of networking mode: The system supports 485, Ethernet, GPRS wireless networks, and other means of communication mode, or on site a backlit LCD digital display of temperature and humidity. On different sites could select one or more networking mode, to make system architecture most optimal, simple, practical.

– Normative and vivid software interface: The system uses Visual Studio platform, with feature-rich, stable performance, interface, vivid, beautiful features.