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STR 2000

Optional Features:
• Interchangable head and leg sections.
• In order to increase the active area of the C-arm scoppy ,single piece leg section can be
  attached to head and vice versa.
• Sliding back and forth movements ranges 30 cm. (Standard feature of model STR 2000F)
• 12 cm height adjustable manual or electro-hydraulic kidney elevator system.
• Electro-hydraulic brake system.
• Table can rotate 360 degrees on its axes.
• Special clamping system is available to hold accessories in place on the rails
• Visco-elastic cushion.
• Two-piece back rest.
• Safety system on the hand-held control unit to prevent misusage.
Standard Accesory:
Polyurethane Cushion 1 set Anesthsia Frame   1 piece
Arm Support 2 pieces Waste   1 piece
Body Belt 1 piece Radiographic benchtop set
Serum Stand 1 piece


Optional Accessory:
Single piece leg part Orthopedic traction system table
Accessory Lock System Accessory Table
Wristband Arm piece
“U” Type Head Caption part X-Ray Cassette carrier
Spiked Head Caption Silicon head support
Spiked Head Caption, connection for sit position Shoulder support 2 pieces
Proctology Piece Knee support 2 pieces
Orthopedic Traction System Body support 2 pieces


Technical Features
Carrying Capacity 350 kg
Net Weight 270 kg
Gross Weight 350 kg
Package Dimensions(wxhxd) 700x900x1200 mm
Supply Voltage 230 V/50-60 Hz
Battery Capacity 6 A/h
Battery Charge Voltage  27,6 VDC
Battery Type Dry and maintenance free