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Class II biological safety cabinet 11237BBC86 delivers maximum safety, comfort and convenience, featuring an advanced design for easy operation and maximum safety, it could be used wherever protection is of paramount importance in safety levels 1 to 3, including research, pharmaceutical quality control labs, pharmacies, clinics and hospitals.



LCD display                                                                 Front window

Large LCD display is easy to monitor all the safety     Two-layer  laminated toughened glass ≥ 5mm , anti UV

parameters at a glance; and ergonomically sized

control panel improves users interface.


UV lamp (optional)                                                     Work zone

Emission of 253.7 nanometers for most efficient          Three pieces 304 stainless steel work table



Remote control                                                            Waterproof socket

Remote control for convenient operation


1. The transparent side glass windows maximize light and visibility inside the cabinet, providing a bright and open working environment.

2. The 10° sloped front allows an ergonomic, fatigue-free working posture.

3. The front window is motorized for convenient, one-hand operation. The window control is mounted on the front control panel.

4. When fully lowered the front window, it seals automatically against a closed-cell peripheral gasket to isolate the interior and prevent escape of contaminants during decontamination.

5. Front window can be closed manually in case of power failure.